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Create Your Own Personal Escort Website

It is a great advantage for a high class London escort to have your own personal escort website with so many men out there searching the internet for the companionship of an escort. A personal website can address numerous things that are typically best to not discuss in person or in the phone with your male callers if you’re a female escort. Make sure to take full advantage of web design methods and marketing strategies with your message to get all the best possible response.

Website Content

Create a brief introduction on the homepage of your escort website. It should be written as a first person so it reads like you are directly talking to your audience. Clearly identify the goal of your website in a concise manner. Include the erotic services you are offering as well as the benefits your clients will get. Avoid using jargons or technical words as well as special effects so that your audience will not be confused. Give your website a professional look and use fonts, colors and graphics that are coordinated.

Your introduction should be professional, clear concise and most importantly, it should show you as a fun, easy to be with, open minded, enticing and alluring person. Remember that your introduction is your first and only chance to make a good first impression, so make sure it is impressive.

Service Description

You can use escort industry terms that you know will entice a visitor. If you are offering services such as GFE or Girlfriend Experience, Full Service, PSE or Porn Star Experience, then it is vital to provide those services to live up to your potential client’s expectations.

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery is required in order to show the visitors of your website what you really look like so they can make a better determination about calling you. However, less is always more. Your photos should be diverse. Show photos of you wearing a sweater and tight jeans, post some photos of you in a bikini or lingerie to show off your body as well as nude photos that are done in a tasteful manner.


The adult escorting business is very competitive. If you cannot do much about how you look naturally, then you can certainly do the best you can to make yourself very marketable. First and foremost is your personality. Always be pleasant, likable and nice to your clients. Another thing is your physical appearance. You can work out, eat healthily and maintain a sexy figure. It is essential to take care of your hair, nails and skin as well as always looking and smelling nice. Pay special attention to these things if you want to get another call from your clients.


Client Loyalty

Take advantage of client retention instead of focusing of getting new customers. You can try giving out incentives to your loyal clients so that they will come back for more business with you by showing a bit of appreciation. You can try and lower your price a bit since it will not cost you anything.


Escorting is all about acting. You may not feel good about seeing a certain client but you take the call because you need the money, or you may be tired but that’s not a reason to take it all out on your client. Make sure to be always gracious, warm and pretend you are enjoying his company and happy to see them. Always ask how they are and show interest in them. Listening is one of the things these men appreciates well and remembers.


11 Jun

In the escorting business, competition can be tough. Competition is good for any industry, for clients as well as for you both professionally and personally. It will keep you motivated and work thoroughly on improving your services. Competition is what actually hones an individual’s skills and stretches it to their imaginations. In addition, it also stimulates more clients and helps existing clients to widen their horizons.

You’re probably wondering how you can effectively compete with all the gorgeous and sexy escorts in Cardiff around. Well, the best possible way to go head to head with them is to always differentiate you from the pack and to simply stand out from the rest of the competition. Whether it be your outstanding looks, your absolute professionalism, or your effervescence or politeness of your personality, it is important to find out what it is your clients totally like about you.

It may sound cheesy, but in the world of adult entertainment industry, working as an exotic escort, you will be far more successful and attract a higher and more profitable client by acting lady-like than a demanding conceited woman. In the adult sex industry, attracting more flies with honey than vinegar is still the best strategy you could apply.

In reality, there are a lot of woman who are just average looking and don’t possess the goods to justify having a big attitude that simply turns people off. These women may not admit it, but deep in their minds, they know that having an amazing appeal on the looks department is well off within their reach. So they lower their standards and give away more of themselves because they too have to compete. If you will go in a strip club, you’ll see numerous men throwing dollars after dollars at gorgeous strippers just to give the a few minutes of lousy lap dances, while the less attractive ones need to be more creative in order to make money. One of the things they do is to dim the lights when doing a lap dance as well as touch the men in special areas of their bodies and in return they let these men touch them back. Sure it breaks the rules but to them that’s how they need to compete and the money earned simply justifies the strategy.

Escorts that are good looking do not need to offer sex, although there are some that do that is not part of their initial sales pitch. Escorts do not offer sex for money, but for the less attractive escorts, the go a bit further in their ads to tempt men into calling them. Many hobbyists do not like it when they get all worked up with a gorgeous escort only to end up discovering that she does not offer a full service massages or sessions. The less attractive escorts can increase the responses to their ads by taking advantage of insider terms such as GFE or girlfriend experience or PSE porn star experience as keywords to entice clients who wants to be assured the their expectations will be met.

The adult and escort industry is very competitive. Hard work and strategies are necessary in order to be successful and to survive. If you want to be called, you need to invest in yourself by getting some good photos and going out there and being a good provider.


11 Jun

An anonymous man once said, “Prostitutes have very improperly been styled women of pleasure; they are women of pain, or sorrow, of grief, of bitter and continual repentance,…”

If you’re a woman, you may be wondering why a married man needs to visit a call girl or a V London escorts and pay money for sex when he has a wife always available at home. Or why would a single man buy sex when he can be with his significant other who is for sure will be more than willing to engage in this most intimate of acts.

According to an article published by Scientific American, experts are debating on these same questions without being able to come to a conclusion. The reason for this may be the fact that one of the motivating aspects of men calling escorts or call girls is complex and diverse. This means that there is no particular reason for this kind of behaviour.

Still according to the article, different studies reveals that the percentage of men who contact escorts differs from one country to the next with the range estimated between 16 per cent in countries like the United States, to 90 per cent in countries like Thailand. A more precise range is around 16 to 39 per cent of men call escorts worldwide. These men who regularly seek the services of escorts cut across all economic social class, age and racial lines.

Here are some probable reasons why men seek escorts or call girls, keeping in mind that there is no single reason for all men.

• There are men who are driven by an uncontrollable need to have sex. This can be true not just for men but for women as well. However, with men, they are driven by this force of not getting enough and to get as much as they can they seek for escorts or call girls.

• In relation to the first reason on the list, there are men driven by an insatiable need for sexual pleasure from different women. Without it they are in a continuous state of frustration.

• There are men who think that it is risky to dive in a real relationship for a number of reasons which includes the fear of real intimacy. For these kinds of men, a regular visit from the same escort creates this fantasy of a real relationship.


• There are experts who believe that men who frequent escorts or call girls have a real hidden hatred for women. Misogyny is the term used to describe hatred to women. These men with these ill feelings on women thinks that women are made to be submissive and the process of paying them for sexual favors is a way to humiliate them further.

There are numerous people who believe that the real cause of the adult escort industry is the male demand. Hence, it is thought that such things as making men understand and decreasing the demand for the sex trade are the real solution for this.